{Nola Chat} Images By Robert T.

1.      How did your career start? 
     My Father was a photographer and I started working with him when I was about 13, I was the yearbook photographer in high school and then went to collage to get my degree in Photography.
2.      How many years have you been in business?  
     I have been in business in Louisiana about 5 years, but over all I have been doing photography with my father and now in Louisiana for about 40 years.


3.      What or Who inspires you?   
    What inspires me? It’s the feelings of a wedding. I love watching dad walk down the aisle with his daughter and see in his face the love and feelings he has for her. And when they get to the front of the church and he passed his daughter off to the man that going to take care of her for the rest of her life. That feeling they have is well to me is priceless. I also like that I am able to leave a piece of my heart with them because of my work. Man do I love my job. Lol As for who inspires me, first and for most was my father. He was a great photographer in the Tampa Bay area. He gave me a good work back ground and a great foundation. After that I could name 100 photographers over ht e last few years that make me want to do better  My father always said never get use to shooting  everything the same way. You have to get better each day and work at being better each day. So I hope my brides see that every time I do I wedding I give it my all. To make it the best I can do that day.
4.      What is your favorite time of day for a wedding?  
     I like afternoon weddings, that way when the couple second line we are able to see more of the group and if the church has nice stain glass windows the colors are nice to see. Also I think its easy on the bride and groom to be able to rest a little before they go on the honeymoon the next day.
5.      Give us the scoop on the best places to get married in NOLA?   
     WOW, there are a lot of places.
6.      What advice do you have for couples about the wedding day itself? 
     Make sure they eat and drink water early in the day. They don’t know that they will not eat once the party starts and when they start drinking, well it can get crazy.
7.      What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a wedding?  
     Wow after all these years I have had a lot of funny things happen. Some to me may not be funny to the bride. But I remember once when the bride and groom were cutting the cake. And I was close to get a nice shoot of their hands on the knife. I saw that the cake was leaning a little and I asked the couple to just put the knife on the cake, not to cut it. Well they cut the cake and it fell on me.
8.      Do you travel?  
     Yes, I will travel anywhere for a wedding.
9.      How can brides get in contact with you? 
     She can email us at info@imagesbyRobert t.com, send us a message from our website at www.imagesbyrobertt.com or just call us at 985-966-2793
Thank you….Trent for taking time to answer our questions!

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