Throwing a Dinner Party ~ Menu

Designing your menu is an exciting & mouthwatering experience. Most meals are served as a 3-course meal:  a starter, an entrée and dessert!


The starter is often appetizer’s if you’re starting off with cocktails. If the entire meal is sit-down, more than likely you will start with salad/soup/bread….depending on what time of the year you are having your party. Since we are about to embark on the fall. I would suggest a Tomato Basil Soup with warm French garlic bread and spinach/seared shrimp salad. Impress your guests with a family comfort food to start off with, such as; individual creamy baked shells & cheese or generously stuffed crab cakes!


When planning your entrée…I have found it successful to have two selections on the menu. Depending on the size of your party…one entrée is completely acceptable. Lobster & Filet Mignon is one way to go and a Shrimp/Scallop/Oyster Pasta is always a winner! Be sure to offer wine that compliments the dishes you choose. Your caterer or personal chef should have some great choices.


My absolute favorite!!! I believe the dessert should always be home-made! Bread Pudding is always well received. Coffee bars are also a huge hit. I’ve compiled a list of home-made goodies that can be served individually and/or easily wrapped to go!

Banana Pudding

Cheesecake with strawberry topping

Crème Brulee {who doesn’t love this}

Mini Cakes

Note: I find that guests get excited when they receive they’re invitations with menus. It gives them something to look forward to!

Next week we will discuss Dinner Party Entertainment

Are you planning a dinner party? Tell us about it!



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