Silk vs. Fresh {Flowers}

Silk flowers can be taboo to most brides either because of the way they look or the fact that a silk stem can be just as expensive as a fresh stem, if not more.

Silks are coming in better quality these days but again, prices are reflecting that better quality.

So, I suppose that the ten thousand dollar question would be……Silk or Fresh?

My answer would be: Fresh

Yes, please use a licensed florist to help you and I’m sure that he/she will work within your monetary guidelines and save you from floral prop hell.

The money you spend on those tacky wedding favors is money that can go towards your floral budget. Besides as wedding guests……we hate wedding favors unless they are edible! #justsoyouknow

I would recommend that whatever you do, you do not order anything silk online without ordering  them at least 45 days in advance. I’ve received to many phone calls about small cheap-looking bouquets & bouts, brides have wasted money on.

What do you think?

Go ahead…you can speak :~}


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