Cake Tasting {3 Mistakes to Avoid}

Choosing your cake  is a delicious an very special part of planning your wedding. What can seem easy enough can become quite the adventure especially if you break these 3 simple rules:

Mistake #1 Taking more than 3 people with you……

Explanation: This will only confuse you and make cake tasting feel like Judging time on American idol.

Mistake #2 Going to a tasting hungry!

Explanation: JUST DON’T!!! Everything will taste good to you, Everything! Then comes wedding day and your taste buds have dramatically changed.

Mistake #3 Not knowing what you want.

Explanation: Having a vision for your wedding is necessary. Often you hear a bride say; I have no idea what I want…and she means it! Clip magazines, search the internet and find your inspiration.

Happy Planning~ Nikki

Photo Credit: Jennifer Dery


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