{Vendor Feature} Omega Sound & Entertainment

What is your profession? 
 My name is David Storm and I own Omega Sound & Entertainment, the Gulf Coast’s premier mobile entertainment service. I, as well as the rest of my crew, am an entertainer, not just a DJ. We’ll dance with you, sing to you, and keep you moving all night long!
 How long have you been in business?
 Omega Sound & Entertainment has been around since the turn of the millennium but I personally was broken into the business back in 1994 and spent a lot of time working with other, more established entertainment companies, radio stations, bars, and nightclubs until deciding to venture out on my own.
 What is your favorite part of a wedding? Why?
 My favorite part of a wedding is any part that lets me showcase what makes us the best. I love getting out and line dancing with the crowd. I love being in the middle of a throng of wild guests, leading sing-a-longs to Journey and classic Bon Jovi and just rocking out, and I love watching the crowd go crazy when I’m in the middle of a club-style pop and hip-hop mix. If you can imagine, it’s like being a dancer, rock star, and superstar club DJ all in one! How could you not love that?!
 Why weddings? 
 While I’m by no means a celebrity, and I won’t say I’ve done it all, I have done a lot in my young career.. I was a DJ/MC on Bourbon St. for 3 years, worked countless nightclubs all over SE La, was a cruise-ship DJ who played all throughout Mexico and other international ports, but weddings always brought me back. I always enjoy weddings because they’re the most fun, most challenging, and certainly most rewarding. Most every wedding I’ve ever done has been comprised of many different styles and genres of music. Sometimes we include music from different ethnicity. So it’s never the same show twice. That’s the challenge, meeting new people, getting accustomed to their musical expectations, and making it once-in-a-lifetime brilliant. The rewards are the best though. At the end of a night when clubs close, people go home and some you may never see or hear from again, but at the end of a wedding, one that you’ve done well, there’s a very special bond you share with not only the bride and groom, but their friends and family as well. You almost become one of them, an honorary member if you will. And to know that you’ve done that kind of job, made those kinds of friends, and most importantly become part of memories that will last a lifetime is both humbling and exhilarating all at the same time.
 Do you travel outside of Nola? 
 We do, we advertise that we service the entire gulf coast and have done so, ranging from Lafayette to Pensacola. We’ve also been invited to play in parts of Tennessee and recently were flown to New York, New York to perform at a wedding at the Hudson Theater of the Milennium Broadway hotel, smack in the middle of Times Square. We tell our brides, if you want us, tell us where you want us, and we’ll find a way to get there.
 How can brides contact your company? 
 Brides can contact us by phone at 985-966-6378, through our website: www.omegasounddjs.com, of they can find us on face book: omegasound.
 While I, David Storm, am the face of Omega Sound & Entertainment, I can’t take all the credit for our success. We have a great staff of amazing entertainers who have in the past and who continue currently to contribute to our success. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for them!

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