Edible Eye-Candy {Wedding Cake}

The best part of helping a bride plan her big day, has to be the cake tasting! I love cake especially wedding cake! Cakes are often times the focal point of the entire reception. It amazes me how it beautifully the cake ties into the overall design. Here are a few cakes that I find to be a great work of art!! Enjoy:}

Love the peacocks….I can only imagine how beautifully the wedding must have been!

This is so my style…think I might get this duplicated for my birthday….bonus, check out the cake stand.

A beautiful combination of florals.

Again….so me!

Purple is absolutely the new IT color!

No words to explain how much I adore the cake! A true work of art:} I wonder was it just a tasty as it looks.

Very Vintage…..

Orchids…my favorite flower in the whole world….to beautiful to eat!

Designed and coordinated to perfection!

Be Inspired!!


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