Vendor Feature {Jolie Papeterie}

What is your profession?

Stationery Designer

How long have you been in business?

We (my husband and I) have been in business for about three years but officially 18 months! 

What made you decide to open your business?
I always loved crafting and designing stationery which I sold on Etsy.  After designing my own wedding invitations and my sister’s wedding invitations a bridal store told us that we should pursue this as a career as we had a knack for it.  After my son was born my husband and I decided to officially open Jolie Papeterie Boutique which is actually French for ‘Pretty Stationery Store’.  It allows me to work from home and be with my two kids which to me is a blessing as they are only young once!


What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

I love everything about weddings!  For me I have to say my favorite part is the details, I guess because I’m very detail oriented person that I tend to notice those things that some people wouldn’t.  

What trends do you expect to see for the 2012wedding season?

Victorian style gowns seem to be the new and upcoming trend so expect to see many more of those pop up.  Many couples are incorporating themes into their wedding such as vintage carnival, nautical and color themes to name a few and tying everything from the stationery to decor in together.  Candy bars and buffets will also be quite popular in 2012.

Do you blog? If, so where can we find you?


What are some of you favorite color combos?

It’s hard to narrow down favourite colour combinations as there are so many that I’ve worked with that have turned out beautifully.  Lemon and limes are refreshing modern colours and are great for outdoor or summer weddings while pale pinks and lavender are perfect for spring weddings.  Deep purples are considered the colour of royalty and never seem to go out of style.  Mustard, aqua and hot pinks are also great colours when paired with shades of grey which is a popular accent colour.  

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Canada in 1997.  I studied Crafts & Design in college with a major in glassblowing and a minor in ceramics where I met my husband Stephane who was studying illustration.  I was also a competitive championship Irish Dancer for many years.  

How can we contact you?

We can be contacted via email at or by phone at 905-220-0979 

What’s your price range?
Our prices vary depending on which products are ordered.  Typically our wedding invitations start at $4.50 per set.

What’s the process for retaining your services?
If a couple is interested in our services they can contact us via email, by phone or by our ‘Request a Quote’ page on our website.  For local couples we typically schedule a consultation where our brides can see our samples and paper in person.  If the couple is not local to us we communicate through email and by phone to design the perfect wedding invitations for them.  This is accomplished by sending them digital samples of their invitation where they can view it and make necessary changes until they are happy with the final product.  

What services do you offer? 
We offer a wide range of services such as wedding invitations and components, bridal shower invitations, bachelor/bachelorette party invitations, thank you cards, menus, place cards, seating charts, wine labels, monograms, stickers, gift tags.  Pretty much anything paper related we do!

Thanks Nicola!

Photo Credit: Candice Davidson w/ Make a Memory Photography


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