You’re Invited to join our Bride’s Studio


We are opening the first Bride’s Studio on the Northshore!  Our Bridal Studio is a place for brides-to-be to come and browse through wedding vendor’s information such as albums, portfolios, products, video, sound clips, etc., have tastings, take in a etiquette or a specialty class and meet with their potential vendors {you!} brides NEED A more organized system of how they can view each vendor products without endless hours on the internet. I decided the best way to do this was to display the vendors’ products/portfolios/etc.


This is the Studio before renovations! We wanted to provide bride’s with a place where they can feel comfortable without all the pressure to sign and also have a little fun searching for their potential vendors. That’s where you guys {vendors} come in. We want to have a select few of vendors in our studio…..we don’t want to become like those sites where there’s 50+ vendors to choose from. We have 15 vendors to a category.  You will have the opportunity to set your section up any way you like. We want our vendors to have complete control over the way Bride’s view their information. In addition to your business bio, we plan to host a bi-monthly meet and greet with our vendors and brides. We want to keep you guys in the forefront; we want to honor our vendors who work so hard to make dreams come true every weekend, even some weekdays.

Request your application today, by emailing us at or give us a call at 985.956.7372……applications are $15 to process and if your company is chosen your first months dues are $50. Hope to hear from you guys real soon!



Designing your Wedding……

Design does matter when it comes to your wedding. Hiring the best photographer will get you great pictures of yourselves, your family and your guests. Designing your wedding is showing an extension of you and fiance personalities. When your guests walk in the room you want them to immediately  think to themselves “wow this is so them”! When you meet with your event designer, having a clear understanding of what you want and being able to relay it is key. Have your designer come up with a design blueprint for reference when you meet, it will help a ton and get everyone involved on the same creative page. Set aside a realistic budget for your design because a lot of items will come out of this budget like linens,rentals decor, props, lighting, etc. Last thing…have fun designing your event.

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