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We bring your design elements together, creating your storybook wedding……..985-222-0270

Louisiana Wedding Style is a Event Design & Candle Decor Firm based in Louisiana, serving Louisiana as a whole.

Event Styling

You show us to the decor and we’ll set it up!

Event Design Concept & Execution

With this service we pull all of your ideas + other elements together creating a storybook detailing your event design. Storybooks includes swatches, sketches, color photos, design concept and blueprint of your venue……no detail is left out.

Event Design + Inventory Rental

We come together with you guys and create a design for your wedding/event then we execute the vision. We have you complete an extensive questionnaire, which helps us determine your own personal style.

Use of our inventory includes:

*Assorted Vases

*Candle Holders





Basic Candle Decor

Candle rental fees are based on your needs, location and date. {included are delivery, set-up, and tear-down}

Contact Louisiana Wedding Style


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