Photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. These photos will be around 20 years after your married… a former wedding planner, I would also express to clients to never cheap out on your photography. Always go with a professional.

A professional requires a lot more than someone who does photography as a hobby.

I interviewed a few photographers and got some insight to better prepare you. Photographers expect to know a few things before just showing up and taking pictures.

You more than likely will be asked to provide an itinerary and details of what you are expecting.

To make your consultation go really well always take a plan so you guys cans bring the day together.

Photographers expect to know:

Time of arrival

Who shoots first i.e brides bridal party, groom’s bridal party, family etc.

What kind of shots do you want i.e candid’s, details, up close and personal, fun etc.

How many hours do you want?

Do you want video?



Photographers don’t like:


Extensive Photo Pose Lists




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